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Products - Uriwell Unisex Urinal

The Uriwell Unisex Portable Personal Mini Urinal for Men, Women & Children

  • Are you in charge of a hospital or aged care facility where bedridden patients cannot wait long enough to pass urine for a nurse to help them - who need a personal urinal ? Do you need a convenient urinal for use in emergency wards and ambulances ?
  • As a caregiver, have you had difficulty in manipulating a disabled wheelchair or bedridden person to assist them to pass urine ?
  • Are you a healthcare provider looking for a urinal that can be used easily by either sex, in any position, hygienically, spill and odour proof , especially in the immediate postoperative period after abdominal, spinal or orthopedic surgery
    eg: Hip replacement?
  • How often have you wished you could access a clean, hygienic toilet (urinal) while traveling, (especially long car or train journeys) which can be used by anyone in any state of health or fitness ?
  • Have you had to manage children who suddenly want to pass urine urgently at the most inconvenient time and place?
  • Are you afraid to use public toilets because you might pick up infections?
  • Are you an adventure sportsperson who loves trekking, camping and roughing it out - when finding a toilet is not possible ?

Toilet training just got a lot easier and economical!
Forget spending a fortune on the nappies and say hello to Happy Pi.

We at ADL Neurotech have the solution for you

The uriwell unisex portable personal mini urinal!
a personal toilet for every contingency

The Uriwell urinal is a portable, flexible, hygienic, unisex, corrugated polypropylene container with a spill and odour proof cap which closes hermetically. It is easy to use and store, bends and packs small, is personal, sanitary and reusable. Its unique design is ergonomically suitable for women and children as well. It is an internationally patented product, CE & ISO certified and of a really unique design.

Product description

The Uriwell urinal is a flexible, cylindrical corrugated polypropylene container, which can be extended and collapsed to suit the needs of the user. It is available in adult 750 ml and children 350 ml capacities.

A unisex adapter makes it suitable for both male and female users.

It can be used in any posture, sitting, lying or standing.

It comes in attractive colours- Blue for adults and Green for children

The adult model is 150 mm long and can extend upto 350 mm to hold up to 750 ml
of fluid

The children model is 120 mm long and can extend up to 200 mm to hold up to 350 ml

Baffles in device measure 30ml and can be used in incontinent individuals to measure output

It is easy to store and use. It is spill proof and odour proof when closed.

Uriwell and the National Health Service

As of December 2009 Uriwell became available on the National Health Service in the United Kingdom. The UK Health Service, having reviewed the samples and the literature on the product registered Uriwell on the Drug Tariff List. Product Code is 80-3360934-134. Such registration means that if a doctor or nurse prescribes Uriwell to a patient, the NHS will pay for it.

This important endorsement of the popular, personal urinary aid demonstrates how beneficial Uriwell is considered by Health Authorities and the medical profession. Uriwell is already used through out the UK and Ireland as a continence aid and as a disability aid. This unique, personal toilet is proving its worth to patients and individuals alike in many different circumstances.

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