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This is the brainchild of Dr. Prithika Chary a senior neurologist and neurosurgeon of Chennai - For more info visit www.drprithikachary.com

ADL Neurotech exists to fill the gap in services to normal elders and individuals with neurological disorders, especially those with chronic disability, for whom there is a dearth of products and services in the Indian scenario.

The objective is to improve quality of life and minimize dependence on others as today longevity is a reality and the nuclear family requires independent living.

ADL Neurotech markets simple and advanced aids, devices and services for elder care and support, neurorehabilitation and disability management. These products will enable freedom through independence in these individuals and reduce caregiver burden.

The products will be sold to individuals, small, medium and large-sized organisiations within the healthcare industries for a range of specialist applications. ADL Neurotech’s systems are distinguished from competition by their sophisticated technology, safety and ease of use and are extensively verified for efficacy. Sales are made directly in the home market and overseas.

Corporate Values

The corporate values governing ADL Neurotech’s development will include the following

  • ADL Neurotech operates in accordance with the highest standards in all relationship with customers, suppliers, environment and the community.
  • ADL Neurotech fosters a climate which encourages innovation, dedication, ethics and diligence amongst staff and rewards accordingly.

Business Objectives

Longer term business objectives of ADL Neurotech are summarized as:

  • To expand the business aggressively, ethically and with a social conscience
  • To become the leading, innovative systems company within elder care and neurorehabititation through technology market segments.

Key Strategies

The following critical strategies will be pursued by ADL Neurotech:

  • Accelerate product launches by strengthening team
  • Extend links with key healthcare centres
  • Seek new market segments/applications for products such as paediatric disability and for bedridden chronic individuals.