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GPS (Personal Tracking)

  • Six in ten people with dementia will wander.
  • A person with Alzheimer's may not remember his or her name or address and can become disoriented, even in familiar places.
  • Wandering among people with dementia is dangerous, but there are strategies and services to help prevent it.
  • Elderly and Alzheimer's patients need extra special care.
  • Safety wearable can track, locate, and silently listen to them when away from home, at work, when needed.
  • Also very helpful in tracking people with epilepsy,Children when they are away,Women who travel alone during night. Parents who stay alone at a far off place.



  • This Abacus game is an excellent game to train the visual memory. More you play and more your exercise and train your memory. A good game for memory training.
  • The abacus helps Alzheimer’s patients to develop a pictorial representation of the problem in the brain, and with regular practice, the brain learns to solve the problem without the actual use of any aid including the abacus.
  • Abacus training helps to increase concentration with handling day-to-day work.


Day, date, month and year clock

  • The digital day clocks help dementia patients maintain peace of mind and minimize confusion by telling them when it's morning, afternoon, evening or night or even what day it is.
  • Since recognition of daytime and night-time cues and the ability to keep track of the days of the week decrease with the progression of Alzheimer's, these adaptations can help dementia patients keep their bearings when time-related confusion arises.


Stop Sign

  • Made for loved one who wanders within or from house or building. Keeps loved one from unsafe room, house, or building exit.
  • Place door guard on any door: outside exit, basement door, bathroom door, or garage exit.
  • Simple to install the door guard with velcro strips (included).
  • Easy to remove in an emergency; just pull from velcro.


Colour Coded Rings

  • The ring enhances hand and eye co-ordination and improves memory.


Nail Cutter with Magnifier

  • A safe and easy to use nail cutter, giving no place for nicks and cuts.
  • Ideal for people with poor dexterity or weak grip.
  • Large plastic pad can be operated by fingers, palm or wrist.
  • Non-slip base for stability and smooth operation.
  • Helps to make nail cutting and trimming easier and safer.


Eye Drop Guide

  • Eye Drop Guide has unique anti-blinking design that draws the user to gaze away from the dropper.
  • Eye drop guides are moulded to fit securely over a bottle of eye drops.
  • The guide contains a slot that the neck of the eye drop bottle fits into. Simply attach the slot to the eye drop bottle neck. When you're ready to use the eye drops, place the eye drop guide over your eye according to the instructions.
  • When you squeeze the eye drop bottle, the eye drop guide directs the liquid into your eye without the bottle touching your eye.
  • Using eye drops with an eye drop guide helps eliminate waste as well.
  • That's a natural protective reflex to protect your eye from foreign substances.
  • Eye drop guides help keep your eye open during eye drop delivery by keeping the lower lid still. 

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