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Uplift Seat Assist

  • A portable, lightweight, lifting cushion that transforms any chair into an automatic lifting chair.
  • Self-powered and easy to adjust to a userís weight, it provides a stable, gentle lift that supports up to 80% of a userís weight.
  • It has a built in carry handle and flattens for easy transport or storage.
  • The memory foam cushion conforms to the shape of the userís body providing a superior level of comfort.
  • Weight 4.1kg.
  • Available in two user weight ranges.
  • Maximum user weight 150 Kg.

Lift Assist Seat

  • This lifting cushion provides assistance when the user has difficulty getting up from a seated position.
  • It may be placed on an existing chair to lift up to 80% of the users weight.
  • A high-density foam cushion provides exceptional comfort and support and adds only 25mm (1 Inch) to the height of the seat.
  • Weight 3.7kg.
  • Maximum user weight 110 Kg

Prima Raised Toilet Seat

  • Easy to use and comfortable, the Prima Raised Toilet Seat makes rising and lowering easier for people with stiff or painful joints.
  • The hygienic white seat fixes securely to the toilet bowl with two side adjusters and is contoured to facilitate personal cleansing.
  • Maximum user weight 190Kg
  • Weight 2 Kg

Bariatric Toilet Seat

  • Ideal for those that require a larger seating area when using the toilet.
  • This can be used by pregnant ladies also
  • The luxurious contoured seat provides the user with comfort, whilst being stylish and ergonomic in its design.
  • Easily fitted and secured to the toilet pan.
  • Fits to most toilet frames.
  • Weight 3.5kg.
  • Maximum total load 380 Kg

Toilet Frame Uniform Folding

  • A folding frame with one piece plastic seat and padded back rest for comfort.
  • This can be used by pregnant ladies also
  • Legs are height adjustable and the seat has a cut away for personal hygiene.
  • Seat height 435 to 560mm (17 to 22 Inch).
  • Weight 5.1kg.
  • Maximum user weight 127Kg

Raised Toilet Seat Carry Bag

  • This carry bag provides a convenient, discreet way of transporting a raised toilet seat.
  • The simple, zip up nylon bag is extremely durable, lightweight and folds up easily when not in use.
  • It will carry standard raised toilet seats up to 150mm (6 Inch) depth.
  • Also suitable for carrying bed pans.
  • Weight 110g.

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