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THE PERFECT ALTERNATIVE TO TRADITIONAL BATHING. Ready to use. No Water Required. Effectively cleans and moisturises the skin leaving you fresh and odour free. It is safe, nontoxic, alcohol free ,paraben free and pH balanced.

How It Works

  • Simply apply the liquid directly and generously until wet.
  • Massage to release dirt and grease and then simply remove by thoroughly towel drying


  • Simple,fast and effective.
  • No hassle of trying to use bowls of water to rinse.
  • Saves Water.
  • Improves hygiene levels and saves time for Nurses and Care Givers.

Nilaqua Shampoo

The amazing new way to get fresh clean hair WITHOUT USING WATER. A dry shampoo that is a liquid is simple and easy to use has a pleasant apple fragrance.

This is safe, non toxic, alcohol free, paraben free and pH balanced. No water or rinsing required.


Apply the shampoo directly to your scalp, massage to lift oil and grease then whilst soapy and wet remove by thoroughly towel drying.(Towelling is an important step). After towelling you can style in a normal manner or let the hair dry by itself.

It wets your hair like a traditional shampoo and cleans without leaving any streaks and sticky residues but requires NO WATER.


  • In hospitals and care homes.
  • In those who find it difficult to bathe, especially if ill.
  • Neurological disorders like Alzheimers, Parkinson's and multiple sclerosis.
  • In palliative care.
  • In elderly, disabled, wheel chair,bed bound or limited mobility patients.
  • Children
  • After sports activities - cyclists, runners, Gym members.
  • During travel which includes holiday travel where usual facilities are not available.
  • Outdoor Hair Dressers

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